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About My Art

My art strives to capture and reveal personalities through color and expression. My role as the artist is to let people be themselves, and then be perceptive enough to capture their complexities through paint. I want my subjects to appear familiar and relaxed. The background of my paintings are the subject’s actions, emotions, and subtle body language turned into vibrant color. I call this their aura. Capturing a person’s aura takes time so it’s important to sit down with the subject and listen to their story. I choose colors that I feel capture the subject while we have a one on one session.

If you look closely you may also find sayings or quotes etched into the background of some of my paintings. They only appear if there was something I noticed they repeated often or stood out.

The paintings are finalized and made whole with a realistic portrait overlayed on top of the abstract aura background. A person is more than just their physical likeness; they are their emotions, experiences, and personality.  I leave the clothes and jewelry transparent indicating the unimportance of material things when it comes to showing my subject’s personality. Their true self is what shines through. By focusing on creating portraits in this manner, I am able to represent and celebrate the uniqueness of an individual.

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